Dr Peter Blombery, Consultant Physician


A highly regarded Consultant Physician (Vascular Disease and Pain Management) with extensive experience in providing quality medico- legal reports.

Dr Blombery joins Lex Medicus as an experienced provider of quality medico-legal reports, and is a certi ed Independent Medical Examiner in AMA 4th Edition and Comcare. Dr Blombery has key interests in the assessment of cardiovascular disease and pain disorders, particularly complex regional pain syndrome and chronic neuropathic pain.

To complement his experience in medico-legal reporting, Dr Blombery brings up-to-date medical knowledge through his current practice and research activity. He is a current practising Consultant Vascular Physician and Visiting Physician throughout Melbourne and Director of The Avenue Cardiovascular Centre. Dr Blombery has held research fellow positions in both Australia and the USA, and his work has been widely published. He holds memberships of the International Union of Angiology, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, and International Association for the Study of Pain.

To book a client with Dr Blombery please contact Lex Medicus reception on: (03) 9827 8093 or lexmedicus.com.au

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