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Medico Legal Reports

“Mr Kossmann’s reports are outstanding, clear and concise”

Peter Dutton, ADR CEO

Thomas Kossmann
The cornerstone of a personal injury compensation and negligence claim is the preparation of a medical report by an expert examiner upon a medical investigation.

Lex Medicus delivers relevant, accurate and accessible reports by consultants who are experts in their field.

Quality Assurance Team of Lex Medicus is legally qualified to review all medico-legal reports to ensure adherence to the legislation.

The diversity of reports includes: Standard Reports, Hot Reports, Supplementary Reports, Medical Negligence cases, Joint Medical Examination exclusive to TAC clients, Threshold Examination and Expert Witness in court.

Standard Report is available within 15 business days or as otherwise agreed.

 Hot Report is delivered within 2 business days.

Supplementary Report is requested when additional information is sought following the receipt of the medical report.

Re-examination of a client is required to a consultant that has previously provided a medico-legal report. 

Appointments can be arranged 24/7 through Lex medicus Online in multiple locations across Australia and Europe.
“Our client report delivered by Lex Medicus was pivotal in winning my client case and contributed to a significant compensation received”

Stephanie Lister

Medico Legal Reports

Lex Medicus offers to deliver Hot reports with a faster turnaround.

Very popular at Lex Medicus, Hot Reports are issued within 48 hours from client appointment, ensuring a rapid and accurate assessment of a client to satisfy urgent cases.

First, the Letter of Instruction and all relative Enclosures are provided by uploading them into Lex Medicus Online or in hard copy a week PRIOR to the appointment.

Then the client is examined by a Lex Medicus Consultant who prepares the Report made available to the lawyer or insurer by due date through Lex Medicus Online.

Medical Negligence

Lex Medicus assist our clients in Medical Negligence cases.

These cases are complex and require a thorough study of Clients’ file(s) and reports, a meticulous documentation of the facts and the acknowledgement of the present standard of care.

In most cases an international literature research is required in support of the case findings. 

Please direct your initial request for a report in a negligence case to Mr Thomas Kossmann and include a rough estimate of the volume of documents to review.

He will evaluate whether there is a conflict of interest, which may prevent Lex Medicus from being involved in the case.

A cost estimation will be send along with a time frame for completion of the report. We require the cost to be paid prior to the report delivery.

Joint Medical Examination

Introduced by the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) in 2013, a Joint Medical Examination is form of medico legal report jointly requested by a law firm and the TAC for convenience and efficiency.

This process aims to reduce the number of medical examinations of TAC clients, avoid multiple appointments and accelerate the medico legal process.

The client’s lawyer and a TAC consultant submit questions to the medical examiner and both receive the identical copy of the medical report.

Threshold Evaluation

A Threshold Examination was established to determine the worthiness of embarking on a medico legal report service. With this service Lex Medicus provides an impairment assessment threshold score (below or above 5%) from a medical examiner.

If the score exceeds 5%, the medical examiner will generate a full report.

Expert Witness

With decades of experience in over twenty medical specialities, the consultants at Lex Medicus are available to give Expert Witness in court when required.

Our team has a proven track record of winning outcomes for clients as a direct result of a Lex Medicus consultant’s expert witness in court.


In order for our consultants to prepare for client assessment and deliver the best quality report, it is paramount that the Letter of Instruction and all relevant client medical files are uploaded to Lex Medicus Online or sent to Lex Medicus Head Office at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.

Failure to do this may result in the booking being cancelled and may attract a fee.

Please call our Head Office for all queries regarding the submission of client files. T: 03 9827 8093.

Request and Interpreter or Support Person

If an interpreter is needed at the time of your client’s appointment, please ensure this is pre-arranged and notified to Lex Medicus when booking the appointment.

Clients are encouraged to bring one family member, their spouse or a support person to the appointment.

Medical Examination

In order to assess the impairment of a client the medical consultant will begin with the clinical examination.

For the initial examination no specific equipment is necessary.

The client need to brings along the most recent radiological investigations and reports

Firstly, it is necessary to acquire information of the client medical history, pre-existing conditions or injuries as well as profession and life-style activities.

 and a clear description of current symptoms. 

The examination process includes the diagnosis of a condition, causes of injury, prognosis, treatments provided, to achieve a percentage of impairment and/or whole person impairment assessment, necessary to determine the client's work capacity or other relevant requirements.

For any musculoskeletal pathology it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the anatomy as the examination establishes differences to normal anatomical structures and functions.